SME Banking Re-Solicitation Program

Maybank Commercial and Industrial property referral program

Be rewarded with up to S$2,000 when you refer your business partners or associates to us for a Commercial & Industrial Property Financing

Who qualifies?
Existing or Former Maybank SME Banking Customers who has taken Commercial & Industrial Property financing with Maybank.

What are Qualified Referrals:

  1. Refer the buyer of your Commercial & Industrial Property to take financing through Maybank SME Banking
  2. Take up a new Commercial & Industrial property financing when your company purchases the next Commercial or Industrial property for business expansion
  3. Take up a new Commercial & Industrial property financing with Maybank SME Banking if you've previously financed your commercial or industrial property with Maybank.
Applicable for Business Property Loan

To refer, please complete the form, scan and email to or submit it at any of our Maybank branches.


*Terms and Conditions apply.