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PayNow Corporate NEW

PayNow Corporate allows you to receive payments from businesses and individuals instantly with just your Unique Entity Number (UEN) or a PayNow QR code. You can also make payments via PayNow Corporate to businesses using their UEN and to individuals using either their NRIC/FIN or mobile number.

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Cashier's Order

Also known as Banker's Cheque, it is an order for payment issued by Maybank on your behalf; an alternative way to transfer money to a recipient who does not accept cash or personal cheques

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Funds Transfer via FAST for Business Internet Banking users

With FAST, you can now use Maybank Business Internet Banking to transfer funds to any of the other 13 participating banks almost instantly!

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Local Funds Transfer

Cost-efficient and quick online funds transfers via ATM, Cash Deposit Machines or; schedule the transactions at your own time

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MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS)

The fastest way to transfer Singapore Dollar funds between banks in Singapore; safe and efficient as funds are remitted via Monetary Authority of Singapore's Electronic Payment System

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Maybank Automated Payment System Plus/Outward Interbank GIRO system (APS+/ OBG)

An automated service that debits your Maybank Account to settle your staff salary crediting and bill payments on time every time; free yourself of mundane tasks like issuing cheques and standing in line to make payments.

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