Personalised Notifications

Receive Personalised Notifications that matter to you.

We have recently launched a Personalised Notification system stemmed from our Award-winning KE Trade platform, where we identify opportunities that would be interesting to our clients based on their current or historical, portfolio interactions.

The ability to cater content relevant to our client’s “identity” establishes a new level of service we provide for them.

Client feedback has been resoundingly positive, because it brings relevance to the mass of notifications that we now receive in this connected world.


Market Insight - Growth, Value & Yield

We know that the stock markets can be overwhelming and numerous strategies abound. Thus, we have a full time team of Research Analysts, looking out for great opportunities for our clients.

Once they find these opportunities, they articulate it in our Market Insight baskets of Growth, Yield & Value stock lists.

Invest Academy

Having a dedicated retail investment education team at Maybank Kim Eng, we have been actively engaging our clients through conferences and seminars for many years now.

Through which, we have been accessing direct feedback on how to support our clients better, and have responded with the recent launch of Maybank Kim Eng’s Invest Academy.

Since the launch, Maybank Kim Eng’s Invest Academy has served as a platform for our investors to be quickly but surely, catapulted up to speed to further their investment journey. This portal is powered by our investment education team who devotes resources to deliver high quality, relevant and insightful content.

To support our client’s ongoing learning journey, while catering to their preferences shaped by the digital influences today, we have ensured that all content are presented in new media; namely via videos, info-graphics and bite-size articles.

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