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GM Daily Report Last Updated: 11/05/2016
11/05/2016 Maybank FX Research
10/05/2016 Maybank FX Research
09/05/2016 Maybank FX Research
FX Annual Outlook Last Updated: 01/12/2015
01/12/2015 FX Outlook: 2016 Juggling Policy Divergence, RMB Adjustments and Trade Downshift
11/12/2014 FX Outlook: 2015 Adjusting to the 3D Environment
02/12/2013 2014 FX Outlook
FX Asia Weekly Last Updated: 10/05/2016
10/05/2016 USD/Asians Upside To Continue?
28/03/2016 USD/Asians Still Bias To The Upside
15/03/2016 Consolidation
01/03/2016 Awaiting Directional Cues
16/02/2016 Mixed Bag
03/02/2016 Lunar New Year Calm?
18/01/2016 Regional: It’s All About The CNY…And Oil
FX In-Sights Last Updated: 06/05/2016
06/05/2016 PHP: Election Jitters Weigh
05/05/2016 Unwinding In The Works
27/04/2016 AUD: CPI Shocks But We See No Cut
12/04/2016 CNY: Soft Dollar Allows for Gradual Trade Weighted Weakness
FX Flash Last Updated: 14/04/2016
14/04/2016 SGD: Pressured Lower By Shift To Neutral Policy
07/04/2016 JPY: Near-Term Upside Pressures
05/04/2016 INR: RBI Eases, Medium Term Boost
24/03/2016 SGD: Fiscal Impulse To Allay Growth Concerns
11/03/2016 EUR: ECB Easing but Interest Rate Floored
FX Tech Flash Last Updated: 03/05/2016
03/05/2016 AUD: Cash Rate Lowered to 1.75%
15/04/2016 AUDSGD: Stay The Course For 1.07
05/04/2016 MYR: Risk of Short Term Reversal
FX Tech Weekly Last Updated: 06/05/2016
06/05/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
29/04/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
22/04/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
15/04/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
08/04/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
04/04/2016 Maybank FX Tech Weekly
FX Notes Last Updated: 24/11/2015
24/11/2015 MYR: Outperforms
23/11/2015 DXY: One Step At A Time
18/11/2015 IDR: BI Stands Pat But Plans Cut To Reserve Requirement To Boost Liquidity
FX Monthly Last Updated: 29/04/2016
29/04/2016 2016, Issue IV: The Elusive Dollar Strength
01/04/2016 2016, Issue III: Will This Bullish "Mirage" Continue in April?
29/02/2016 2016, Issue II: Busy, Busy March for Central Bank Credibility
29/01/2016 2016, Issue I: Adapting to the China and Oil Odd-Curveballs
FX Bi-Annual Last Updated: 11/12/2012
11/12/2012 1H 2013 FX Outlook: FX Dynamics in a Moderate Cyclical Rebound
25/06/2012 2H 2012 FX Outlook: Global Growth and Eurozone Headwinds Remain
15/12/2011 Developments & Outlook: 1Q 2012
06/10/2011 Developments & Outlook: 4Q 2011
27/06/2011 Developments & 2H Outlook
FX Thoughts Last Updated: 15/04/2016
15/04/2016 Where To Focus?
31/03/2016 Is That A Mirage We Are Seeing?
10/03/2016 Finding Opportunities in a Volatile World
Market Flash Last Updated: 01/10/2012
01/10/2012 Budget 2013
Fixed Income Last Updated: 01/07/2015
01/07/2015 Malaysia: Fitch Raises Outlook to A-/stable
30/04/2015 Regional: MY & SG Bond Market Watch
04/02/2015 Malaysia: Fixed Income Foreign Flows, Dec '14
19/01/2015 BII Maybank Fixed Income Outlook 2015
08/12/2014 My Fixed Income Outlook 2015 Flat curve, tread cautiously
10/10/2014 Budget 2015: Fixed Income View
Market Focus Last Updated: 15/08/2014
15/08/2014 Bumitama Agri Ltd Credit update: Strong set of results
02/10/2012 4Q12 MYR Fixed Income Outlook
Market Strategy Last Updated: 10/09/2015
10/09/2015 Regional: The Strategist - I So Wanna Be Resilient
13/07/2015 Regional: The Strategist - Bull market in a half-suspended exchange!
06/07/2015 Hong Kong / China: The Strategist
04/01/2015 Indonesia Strategy - Further reform on fuel subsidy
17/06/2014 MY Strategy - Oil price threatens again
Economics Last Updated: 16/10/2015
16/10/2015 Widening of Trade Surplus: "Decrease in imports faster than exports"
14/10/2015 Singapore: GDP Adv. Estimate 3Q 2015
13/10/2015 Malaysia: Industrial Production, August 2015
12/10/2015 Malaysia: Budget 2016 Preview
08/10/2015 Malaysia: External Reserves, End-September 2015
08/10/2015 Malaysia: External Trade, August 2015
07/10/2015 Philippines: Monetary Policy
06/10/2015 Malaysia Economics & Strategy
06/10/2015 Philippines: Fiscal accounts
02/10/2015 Unexpected Deflation: "Cautious Increasing of Core Inflation"
02/10/2015 Thailand: Negative supply-side inflation continues
01/10/2015 Malaysia: Money Supply, August 2015
01/10/2015 Thailand: Not a bad August; Somkid takes office

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