Cashier's Order

Also known as Banker's Cheque, it is an order for payment issued by Maybank on your behalf; an alternative way to transfer money to a recipient who does not accept cash or personal cheques

Key info

  • For Singapore Dollar payments only
  • Recipient may deposit it into any bank account in Singapore

You can use a Cashier's Order, also known as Banker's Cheque, to pay your beneficiary if he/she does not accept cash or personal cheques. This is a written order for payment, issued in Singapore Dollars, by Maybank on your behalf.


  • An alternative way to transfer money to your beneficiary
  • Safe and convenient – you can withdraw or transfers funds from your Maybank Account without the hassle of carrying cash with you
  • Flexible – your beneficiary has the option to deposit the Cashier's Order into any bank account in Singapore.

Who can apply

Cashier’s Order service is available to Maybank account holders.

Required documents

For transactions involving cash, just produce your identification document (Singapore NRIC or Passport)

Fees and charges

Click here for a list of applicable fees and charges.

To apply, visit any of our Branches in Singapore with your identification document. You may choose to pay in cash or by debiting from your Maybank Account.

If you are a Maybank account holder, you may log in to Maybank Online Banking ( to apply for a cashier's order quickly and efficiently.