RegionLink - Cross Border ATM Services
Overseas Cash Withdrawal via Maybank ATMs* (from Maybank accounts opened in Singapore)

RegionLink - Over the Counter Services
Cash Withdrawals (from Maybank accounts opened in Malaysia) via Maybank Branches in Singapore
 S$10 per transaction

RegionLink Instant Funds Transfer
Funds transfer to a Maybank account in Brunei, Malaysia, or the Philippines 0.125% commission (minimum S$20, maximum S$100) + S$10 processing fee (Where applicable, Agent Fee may also apply.)

RegionLink Online Funds Transfer (Malaysia & Philippines)
To Malaysia S$15 per transaction
To Philippines 

S$6 per transaction

RegionLink Online Bill Payment (Malaysia)
To Malaysia Free

* Prevailing exchange rates shall be determined by the Bank. For cash withdrawals in all foreign currencies except Malaysian Ringgit, the base currency for the exchange will be in US Dollars.

# Not applicable for Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Debit card. A fee of S$5 per transaction is chargeable.

We will notify you of any changes by giving you 30 days' notice except where otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the Bank's relevant Products and Services.

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