iSAVvy Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Existing fees and charges for Foreign Currency Time Deposit apply to iSAVvy Foreign Currency Time Deposit. In addition, the following charges shall be applicable for transactions performed over-the-counter at our Branches.

Deposit Not applicable as placement must be performed via and top-up to principal amount is not allowed.
By Cash (in SGD) S$15
By Transferring to own Maybank account Free
By Transferring to third party Maybank account S$10
By Cashier's Order (Payable to own name) S$10
By Cashier's Order (Payable to third party) S$15
Balance Enquiry S$5 per receipt
Ad hoc request For Statement Of Account S$30 per account

Our fees and charges listed above are effective from 1 July 2009. We will notify you of any changes by giving you 30 days' notice except where otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the Bank's relevant Products and Services.