PayNow with Maybank

With PayNow, you can send and receive money using NRIC/FIN or mobile number.
You can also make payments via PayNow to business using their UEN. There is no longer a need for an account number.

Scan & Pay with PayNow

You can now make payments using QR codes - PayNow QR or PayNow on SGQRNEW. Simply Scan & Pay for your purchases, bills, online shopping and more.


If you have previously registered your NRIC/mobile number with another bank, please de-register before registering with Maybank.

How To Get Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the operating hours of PayNow services?

All PayNow services are available 24/7 x 365.

2. What are the requirements for sending and receiving money via PayNow?

Sending Money
Individuals with Online/Mobile Banking access who can already make FAST payments.

Do not have Online/Mobile Banking access? Click here to get online/mobile banking access instantly!

Receiving Money
Individuals with
a. SGD Savings/Current/CreditAble Accounts AND
b. Singapore NRIC or Mobile Number (Local and Foreign numbers).

3. Will there be charges if I use this service?

It is free of charge for sending and receiving money via PayNow.

4. Are transfers via PayNow secure?

Yes, PayNow is secure and adopts the same high security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for funds transfer.

PayNow on SGQR

1. What is SGQR?

SGQR is a single QR code that combines the QR codes of the different electronic payments.

2. How is PayNow on SGQR different from PayNow QR?

Consumers can scan and pay on a SGQR based on the accepted payment options accepted by the merchant which are displayed on the SGQR label.

3. How do I make payment via PayNow on SGQR?

Firstly check out if the PayNow is accepted by the merchant by looking at the logo present on the SGQR label. Launch the Maybank Mobile Banking app, scan the SGQR with "Scan and Pay". Review the receiver name and key in the amount to complete the transaction.

4. Is there an SGQR app?

No, SGQR is a payment method thus there is no app for it.

5. Can Maybank Mobile Banking App support other QR payment type besides PayNow?

No. At the moment, the Scan & Pay feature of Maybank Mobile Banking app only supports payment via PayNow.

6. How long will it take for the money paid via PayNow on SGQR to reach the recipient?

Upon successful payment, the recipient should receive an almost immediate payment.

7. Is SGQR safe to scan?

You should verify the payments is made to the correct recipient upon initiating QR payment. Payment providers have in-built security features into their apps to help detect and prevent fraud payments to fake merchants. After scanning an SGQR code, you should check that the merchant name displayed on their payment app matches with the merchants’ name displayed above the SGQR label.

Upon successful payment, customers should receive an almost immediate payment notification. Similarly, merchants should receive a notification as well.

Should customers or merchants suspect fraud, they should immediately report this to the relevant payment provider or bank. Consumers’ scan and pay at the SGQR code with their preferred payment app. The funding source for the payment app could be a credit card, a debit card or a prepaid card.

8. Who can pay using SGQR?

Anyone with a camera phone with data connectivity, and an account appropriately setup with e-payment options will be able to make payments via SGQR, so long as the merchant supports that payment mode.

9. Are there any charges imposed for making payments via PayNow on SGQR?

There is no charge imposed for outgoing payments via PayNow on SGQR for personal banking customers.

To Send Money

1. Can I send money from a participating bank to a non-participating bank via PayNow?

No. PayNow only enables funds transfer between participating banks. Funds between a participating and non-participating bank can be transferred via other channels such as FAST or Interbank GIRO.

2. I'm seeing a Nickname after entering the mobile number or NRIC. Why?

The Nickname is a new feature introduced with the launch of PayNow to provide confidence to the sender that money is being sent to the intended recipient.

3. What are the differences between One-Off Transfer and Transfer to a New/Existing PayNow Payee?

Please refer to the table below:

  One-Off Transfer To a new/existing PayNow Payee
Maximum Daily Limit Up to S$1,000
Default to S$1,000
Up to S$200,000
Default S$3,000
SMS OTP / Transaction Signing Not required a. Transfer to a new Payee
  - Transaction Signing required
b. Transfer to an existing Payee
   - SMS OTP required

4. What should I do if I have transferred money to an unintended recipient?

Call the mobile number of unintended recipient, inform them of the erroneous transfer and request a return of the funds.

Contact us if there is no response from the unintended recipient. We will investigate and follow up with the recipient's bank on your request to have the funds returned.

To Receive Money

1. How do I use PayNow to receive funds?

You can only receive money sent via PayNow if you have linked your mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC to your Maybank account.

If you have linked your mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC to an account with another bank and you now want to link them to a Maybank account, you will first have to de-link your mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC with the first bank. Thereafter, perform the linking to a Maybank account.

2. How long will it take for PayNow registration with Maybank to be effective? How about amendment and de-registration?

Registration via SMS/Online/Mobile Banking are almost instant.

Amendment and de-registration via Online/Mobile Banking are almost instant too.

3. What are the requirements to register PayNow by SMS?

Individuals with
a. Singapore NRIC AND
b. Local Mobile number AND
c. SGD Savings/Current/CreditAble Account

4. What are the requirements to register PayNow by Online/Mobile Banking?

Individuals with
a. Online/Mobile Banking Access AND
b. Singapore NRIC or Mobile Number (Local and Foreign numbers) AND
c. SGD Savings/Current Account (Single or Joint-Or) or CreditAble Account

5. I do not have internet banking access. Can I register with PayNow?

Yes. You just need to SMS PAYNOW<SPACE>[full NRIC]<SPACE>[Last 6 digits of account number to link]<SPACE>[MOBILE or NRIC or BOTH] to 79899 from your mobile number registered with Maybank.

E.g. To link mobile and NRIC (NRIC: S1234567D; Account Number: 14112345678)
Send PAYNOW S1234567D 345678 BOTH to 79899.

After successful of registration, you will receive an instant confirmation SMS from us. Then you can start to receive money via PayNow!

6. What is the purpose of the Nickname?

The Nickname will be shown to the person who is trying to make a payment to you. Your name will be used as the nickname as default and can be amended. Please let the person know your Nickname before they make a payment to you.

7. Can I link NRIC and mobile number to different Maybank or non-Maybank Accounts separately? What happens if I have two phones?

Yes you can do it but each bank account should be tied to either your mobile or NRIC number. In other words, it is a 1-to-1 relationship where 1 bank account is tied to the mobile number and the other bank account is tied to your NRIC number or two mobile numbers to two different accounts.

8. Why does the system register me to Incoming Funds via PayNow Smart Alert?

As part of value-added services, customers will automatically be registered to Smart Alert for incoming funds via PayNow.

Please note that this will take up to 1 day to be effective upon successful of PayNow registration.

9. Can I opt out from Incoming Funds via PayNow Smart Alert?

Yes, you can manage this new type of SMART Alert via Online Banking. Just un-tick the checkbox of the service under the linked account.

Please note that this will take up to 1 day to be effective upon submission.

10. Can I change the Nickname after the initial registration?

Yes, this change can be done via Online/Mobile Banking.

11.If I want to receive money into a different account, can I change it after the initial registration?

Yes, this change can be done via Online/Mobile Banking.

12. Can I de-register from the service?

Yes, you can do so via Online/Mobile Banking. Please note that separate instructions are to be submitted if you wish to de-register both mobile number and NRIC.

13. What happens if I close the account which I have linked to receive money via PayNow?

Your previous linkage(s) will automatically be removed upon account closure. Please perform a new linkage for your another account.

14. What happens if I change my mobile number which I have registered to receive money via PayNow?

Your previous linkage will automatically be removed upon the update of your mobile number. Please perform a new linkage for your new mobile number.

15. What should I do if I have received money from someone I do not know?

It is a criminal offence to use money that does not belong to you. If you have received money and do not know where it came from, you should immediately contact us to authorise us to return the money to the sender. You should not utilise the money.


For the full set of FAQ, please click here.

Register now to link your NRIC and/or mobile number to receive money via PayNow. Details here.