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FX Research & Strategy is part of Maybank Group Research. We form the house view, and provide forecasts and trading recommendations on global FX with a special focus on the Group of Seven (G7) and emerging market (EM) Asian FX.

Our team of strategists use a wide range of methodologies including economic trend analysis, technical and quantitative modelling to analyse financial markets and their impact on FX.

Clients will enjoy direct access to our strategists’ insights and a wide range of FX-related research including daily commentaries, weekly, monthly and annual outlooks on global FX, as well as, a fortnightly focus on RMB and ASEAN FX.

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Meet our team of FX Strategists based in Singapore:

Saktiandi Supaat
Head, FX Research
(+65) 6320 1379

Christopher Wong
Senior FX Strategist
(+65) 6320 1347

Fiona Lim
Senior FX Strategist
(+65) 6320 1374

Tan Yan Xi
FX Strategist
(+65) 6320 1378

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