A) Documents to bring for Account Opening (SME accounts)
Document Type
Sole Proprietorship
Partnership/Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Partnership^ (LLP)
Private Limited Company
Club/Association And Society
Bank’s Standard copy of resolution or Certified Extract of Resolution
Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
Certified True Copies of IC/Passport of all Authorised signatories/ Directors/Partners/Office bearers
Certified true copy of By-Laws / Constitution
Certified true copy of Minutes of Meeting reflecting List of Office Bearer
Minimum deposit in cash or Cheque

^LLP Partnership Agreement is to be submitted if available.

B) Certification of True copies and personnel required at bank branch
 Photocopied documents must be certified true by the following signatories

Besides those stated in the column below, following personnel required to be present with their NRIC/Passport* on day of the branch appointment:

  • Authorised Persons
  • Authorised Signatories
  • Business Internet Banking Users
  • Persons who certified submitted documents, including Resolutions/Minutes of Meeting etc
Sole ProprietorshipBusiness OwnerBusiness Owner
PartnershipAny 2 partnersAll Partners
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)Any 2 partnersAll Partners
Limited partnershipAny General PartnerAny General Partner
Club/Association And Society/MCSTAny 2 officer Bearers#Chairman/President & Secretary/Treasurer whom signed off the board resolution
Private Limited CompanyAny 2 Directors or Directors & Company Secretary.
(For M &A , any Director or Company Secretary)
Any 2 Directors or Directors & Company Secretary whom signed off the board resolution
#An office bearer refers to the chairman/president, secretary or treasurer of the committee or other governing body (or persons holding similar or equivalent positions)
*Name of the personnel on the account application form must be the same as the NRIC/Passport. If the residential address is not stated in an identification document, please provide any bank statements or utility or Telco bills issued to a residential address as proof.




Important Note:

1.The Bank is required by local laws and regulations and/or international standards to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each business entity that opens an account or establishes a relationship with Maybank in the effort to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and fraudulent activity. What this means for you is that in addition to the documents listed above, we may request for additional documents/information as it deems necessary for the processing of the account opening.
2.The Bank may request additional documents depending on the set up of the company.
3.The Bank's receipt of application form and supporting documents does not bind the Bank to open an account.
4.The Bank reserves the right to reject the application without disclosing any reason.
5.Failure to submit any require or relevant documents may result in delays in the account opening.

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