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Humanising Finance
September 2015
3 simple ways to save time on your banking needs
Access more than more than 240 ATMs with just one Debit Card
Did you know that you can tap into the network of 7 Qualifying Full Banks (QFBs) with your Maybank ATM card?

Maybank, along with the other QFBs, are part of the atm5 network. This means that as a customer of any of these banks, you can withdraw cash from any of the 240 ATMs in this network islandwide.

Simply look out for the atm5 logo on the ATM machine and you’re all set to go. For a list of the atm5 locations, visit our website here.


Online shopping, online food delivery and now to online banking!
We’re living so much of our lives online - from shopping, ordering food and transferring funds, almost anything can be done at the touch of a mouse.

So how does internet and mobile banking help us save time on our banking and payment needs?

Well, here are some ways:
  • Track your account balance to ensure that you are managing your expenses according to your budget. This way, you will never have to worry about running out of cash before the next pay day!

  • Avoid the long queues at self-service payment machines by simply paying your bills online! Not only do you save time, you also enjoy cashback when you use your Maybank online banking service to pay your credit card bills from other banks.
Yet to setup your online banking? Find out how!

Get your funds in a flash with FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers)
Once you’ve got your internet banking sorted, you can then tap into the wonderful world of FAST. FAST is an electronic funds transfer service that enables customers of Maybank and the other participating banks to transfer Singapore Dollar funds from one bank to another in Singapore almost instantly – you no longer have to wait!

Here are some ways you can make FAST work for you:
  • Transfer between your accounts at different banks so you can use the ATM with the shortest line!
  • Split the bill with friends without having to withdraw cash
Here’s another hot tip: With Maybank’s Quick Transfer, you can create a shortcut on your mobile banking app that enables you to transfer funds at the touch of a finger. Simply tap, enter your password and send! For more info on Quick Transfer, check out our website.
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