Regionlink - Funds Transfer (Malaysia)

Maybank RegionLink is the fastest way to transfer funds from Singapore to Malaysia, especially catered to business customers like yours. Transfer funds before 4pm via RegionLink at any of our 21 Branches to be received by your beneficiary’s Maybank account in Malaysia on the same day! With RegionLink, remitting funds to Malaysia has never been easier.

Key info

  • Faster service at no extra costs (same cost as TT)
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates



  • Beneficiary can be assured of receiving the funds on the same day.*
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Largest branch network in Malaysia
*Transaction must be processed before 4pm on a business day, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday.

Who can apply

You need to be a Maybank account holder to enjoy this service

Required documents

For transactions involving cash, simply produce the sender’s identification document (Singapore NRIC or Passport). For transactions involving cheque, simply produce supporting documents such as invoice or receipt indicating the business customer’s name.

Fee and charges

  • The charges for RegionLink Funds Transfer (Malaysia) includes a processing fee of S$10 and a commission of 0.125%, subject to a minimum of S$20 and a maximum of S$100.
  • Click here for other fees and charges

To apply, visit us at any of our 21 Branches in Singapore

Terms and conditions (PDF)

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