Require more cash than you have on hand for working capital or short-term financing? Maybank offers you a Shariah-compliant Overdraft-i based on the concept of Commodity Murabaha.

Overdraft-i works as a standby financing for additional liquidity to your company when running the day-to-day business operations. There are no fixed monthly payment terms, and the monthly payable profit is charged on a daily basis on the amount used.


  • Flexibility to manage your cashflow
  • Available in SGD and USD
  • Convenience to decide how much to use and how much to pay
  • Ready access to funds in times of need


  • Corporate customers whose business nature and purpose of getting financing are Shariah-compliant i.e. not derived from e.g.:

    • Interest
    • Gambling/gaming
    • Manufacturing or trading of non-halal products
    • Conventional insurance
    • Entertainment activities not permitted by Shariah
    • Stock-broking or share trading in securities not permitted by Shariah

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This is also applicable to our conventional Overdraft. For more details please click here.