Loan Syndication

Should you require a loan of more than US$20 million, we will likely recommend a syndicated loan, where multiple lenders come together for one specific project. This will help spread the risk of a very substantial loan amount amongst multiple parties. With our experience and expertise, Maybank can assist your business with syndicated loans in the following ways

  • Origination

    • Ascertain your company's specific needs
    • Define the qualities that would attract prospective lenders
    • Draw up the terms of the syndicated loan via an information memorandum
    • Invite other banks and financial institutions to participate in the loan

  • Participation

    • Study the possibility of participating in the loan ourselves

  • Agency

    • Maintain contact with your company and represent the views of the syndicate
    • Act as the syndicated loans administrator (intermediary between your company and the lenders)
    • Act as the custodian of any loan and security documents

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