Revolving Credit Facility

Require more cash than you have on hand for working capital or short-term financing? Maybank offers a number of short-term financing solutions to boost your liquidity.

If you have a good track record with our overdraft facilities, Maybank can offer you a revolving credit facility. This rolling facility has a specified maturity date, so you can get an advance and pay it back. If necessary, you may borrow again, as long as it is within the agreed-upon period and up to the approved limit. Interest payments are generally made at the end of each agreed term. With this, you can enjoy

  • Hassle-free cashflow planning, as your cashflow source and usage is determined by the required funding amount and period
  • Flexibility in your fund usage because the repaid amount may be re-borrowed

With Maybank, you'll get short-term working capital financing made simple and friendly, without complicated formulae or rigid repayment terms. Make an appointment with us today.

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