Capital Markets

As your company achieves greater success, you'll require more sophisticated financial solutions to meet your expanding business needs. No matter how complex your needs are, you can count on Maybank to offer the requisite financial assistance.

Initial Public Offering

If your business is ready for an IPO, we can offer you highly-specialised services during this important stage in the development of your company. Maybank can take the lead in various ways

  • Underwriter for IPO Public tranche
  • Placement Agent for IPO Placement tranche
  • Our established portfolio of institutional and private clients provides a potential market
  • Leverage our established status in the region to instil confidence among potential investors

Bonds, Rights Issues and Private Placement

If your company has a strong financial standing and established profitability track record, you can use Bonds as a secondary source of medium-term funding, or offer Rights and Placement Issues. Maybank can participate as

  • Underwriter for Bonds, and Rights and Placement Issues
  • Placement Agent or marketing channel to reach out to potential investors among our established portfolio of corporate, institutional and private clients

We are committed to taking your business to greater heights.

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