Business Internet Banking

One-Time Set up Fee Free
Token Free for first 3 tokens
(Subsequent tokens at S$30 each)
Lost Token S$20
Damaged Token / Battery wear out  Free
Monthly Recurring Fees
Enquiry Services Free
Transactional Services Free
Stop Payment on Cheque S$20 per cheque
Interbank Funds Transfer
Interbank Funds Transfer Within Minutes (via FAST)  S$0.50 per transaction^
Interbank Fund Transfer (via Giro) – Next Business Day/Future Dated Transfer  S$0.20 per transaction
Return Item S$1 per transaction
Remittance – Cashier Order
Cashier Order S$5 per transaction
Lost Replacement/Stop Payment/Amendments S$20 per request
Remittance – Demand Draft
Demand Draft 0.125% (Min S$20, Max S$100) + Postage
Lost Replacement/Stop Payment/Amendments S$30 + Processing Fee + Agent Fees*, where applicable
Remittance – Telegraphic Transfer
Issued in foreign currency against payment in Singapore Dollars 0.125% commission (minimum S$20, maximum S$100) + processing fees
Issued in Singapore Dollars/Brunei Dollars against payment in Singapore Dollars 0.125% commission (minimum S$20, maximum S$100) + processing fees
Issued in foreign currency against payment in the same currency Refer to bank charges for Foreign Currency Accounts
Processing fees (Where applicable, Agent Fee* may also apply.) S$20
Funds Transfer to Malaysia (RegionLink)
RegionLink 0.125% (Min S$20, Max S$100)
RegionLink – Cancellation S$30
Automated Payment System Plus (APS+) and Outward Interbank Giro System (OBG)
Payment to/Collection from Maybank account Waived+
Payment to/Collection from non-Maybank account S$0.20 per transaction+
Minimum Fee# per batch which may comprise payments to/collections from Maybank and Non-Maybank accounts Waived+
Return Item  S$1.00 per item returned
Request to Stop Wrongly Submitted file  S$50.00 per file
PayNow Services
Receiving / Making payments via PayNow Click here to view updated PayNow Charges

^With effect from 24 September 2018
+Applicable only to customers who signed up for the APS+/OBG service on or after 1 June 2016.
#When the total fee for all transactions in a batch falls below S$30, a minimum of S$30 will be charged.
* Agent Fees are charges that are levied by the intermediary’s bank and/or beneficiary’s bank for the receipt of funds. Therefore, in some cases, the remitted amount may not be credited in full to the beneficiary’s account, as it is net of Agent Fees.

We will notify you of any changes by giving you 30 days' notice except where otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the Bank's relevant Products and Services.

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