Business Banking Application & Enquiry Forms

For your convenience, we have included a list of useful online/downloadable application forms for your use.


BIB Application Forms (PDF)

BIB Maintenance Forms (PDF)

  • For linking / delinking of Authorised Users, accounts and services in BIB
  • For changing of user access, re-issuance of Access ID and PIN, and replacement of New Security Token
    Note: Resolution / Mandate will be used only if there is a (1) Change in User Control Option, (2) Change in Approval Mandate, or (3) Enrolment of Authorised User with Approval function

BIB Inward GIRO Application Form (PDF)

BIB Change Notification Threshold Form (PDF)

BIB Maintenance of Administrator Form (PDF)

User Administration Form (PDF)

  • Forgot password
  • Resync token
  • Replace security token

BIB Change in Limit Forms
For updating of daily transaction limits in BIB

Resolution for Change of Authorised Persons (PDF)

Current Account Application Forms


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