Maybank Singapore employees and customers raise $200,000 for MINDS

5 September 2015

Singapore, 5 September 2015 - Close to 4,000 Maybank employees, their families, customers and beneficiaries from for Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) gathered at Sentosa to participate at the bank’s annual Global Corporate Responsibility Day in Singapore. Together, they raised $200,000 for MINDS, double the amount that was raised last year.

To thank its employees and customers for their support, they were treated to an exclusive preview of the inaugural Sentosa FunFest. Participants enjoyed the sun, sand and sea as they navigated through an inflatable maze, glided down sliding inflatables and had an idyllic time lounging by the beach.

Also present at the event were beneficiaries from MINDS, building sandcastles on the beach while accompanied by volunteers from the bank. The bank has been working with MINDS as part of its M-Powering MINDS programme for the past year, to equip beneficiaries with basic daily living skills such as observing road safety, making simple purchases, and enhancing social skills which will ultimately build their capacity towards more independent living.

Mr Lim Hong Tat, CEO of Maybank Singapore said, “This is an event I look forward to every year, to join fellow Maybankers at our Global Corporate Responsibility Day. We have once again seen what we can achieve collectively, as we put our efforts into empowering people with intellectual disabilities and contributing towards their ability to live independently.”

This is the sixth year that the bank is holding its annual Global Corporate Responsibility day, and to date, Maybank has raised close to half a million dollars to help improve the community in Singapore.


About M-Powering MINDS
The M-Powering MINDS challenge is a two-year programme which the bank embarked on in September 2014 with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), to help people with intellectual disabilities move towards achieving a greater independence in their everyday lives.
The programme saw the bank’s volunteers working with MINDS on a series of activities that focuses on community mobility and social skills, such as learning to take public transport and make simple purchases.

Through M-Powering MINDS and other initiatives, the bank has engaged with more than 200 beneficiaries over the past two years.

About Global Corporate Responsibility Day
Global Corporate Responsibility (CR) Day is Maybank’s annual event which sees more than 20,000 Maybankers from the Group’s offices in 19 countries come together to reaffirm their commitment to social development and welfare as well as environmental conservation through various community programmes. 
This is the sixth year that the event is being held, with the theme “Inspiring Communities Globally” for this year. 93 initiatives were implemented simultaneously throughout the Maybank Group.

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