Maybank adopts a relationship-based approach to banking and seeks to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers.

Our priority is to protect the interests and financial well-being of our customers. We endeavor to deal fairly with our customers and build enduring relationships. We do not believe in misleading advertising, and strive to be open and transparent about our products, and in our communications and transactions.

To this end, we provide our customers with sufficient knowledge about what we offer so that they can make informed decisions. Only after discussion and careful assessment of their needs will we present our recommendations.

We continually seek ways to improve our customer-centricity, including frequent training for our staff on customer service and product offerings; we also carry out regular reviews of our processes to seek ways to serve you better.

Responsible lending

As a socially responsible organisation, we will not engage in business dealings that expose the Bank, and thus its customers, to unnecessary risk. We also consider amongst many things the social impact that a business will have. As such, we will refrain from lending to defence-related and environmentally-unfriendly sectors.

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