Our approach to corporate responsibility is reflected in our Code of Conduct, which stipulates the principles that govern the way we conduct our business. We are guided by this Code to uphold personal integrity and professionalism, and maintain public confidence in the security and integrity of the banking system.

These values and codes are of paramount importance to us.

  • Earning the trust of our partners

    We maintain strict confidentiality with regard to the Bank's customers, including information related to their accounts and transactions. We handle all information in accordance with the banking secrecy provisions of the Banking Act.

  • Upholding business ethics and promoting fair dealing

    We will not place ourselves in positions where our own interests could conflict with those of the Bank or any of the Bank's customers. We strive to maintain a fair relationship between the Bank and the Bank’s customers. Where such conflicts of interest may exist, we expect full disclosure.

    We are mindful not to abuse our position in the Bank to take advantage of any information obtained in the course of duty for personal benefit. We will neither bribe customers when soliciting business, nor solicit favours, preferential offers, or gifts from our customers. We will not accept gifts with commercial value or costly entertainment; neither will we accept any form of benefit under a Will or Trust.

  • Complying with the law

    Our staff are expected to act in strict compliance at all times with existing laws governing insider trading. Staff who have access to customer and other price-sensitive information must declare their securities investments to the Bank periodically for review as and when required. The declarations must also cover the securities investments of their spouse and nominees, where applicable. Staff who in their official capacity handle customers' securities transactions or execute or deal in securities or other investments, including foreign exchange, should not trade in the same counters for their own account or the accounts of their family members without prior approval of the Bank.

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