Enjoy attractive foreign currency time deposit rates with Maybank

Enjoy attractive foreign currency time deposit rates with Maybank

Below 500K
500K & above

Promotional rates above are based on per annum and subject to change without notification. This promotion is also applicable to our Shariah-compliant Foreign Currency Time Deposit-i, where applicable, interest shall mean profit.

Deposit with a minimum of 10,000 units of the currency of your choice. Visit any Maybank Branch today!

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion will end on a date to be determined by Maybank in its absolute discretion
  • All promotional details including but not limited to the stated foreign currencies, tenures and promotional rates are subject to change by Maybank without prior notice
  • Promotional Rates are subject to fresh fund placement and exclude transfers from existing Maybank accounts (if any)
  • Placement by cash in any of the currencies is only available at Maybank Tower Branch
  • You will be subject to a minimum of 1% Commission In Lieu of Exchange or a minimum charge in the respective currency, whichever is higher, if the cash placement of the selected time deposit is in any currency other than Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • Foreign currency investments are subject to fluctuations with either the possibility of profit or the risk of loss. Please note that principal investment can also be eroded.

Terms and Conditions of Foreign Currency Time Deposit promotion

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