EverGreen Enhanced

EverGreen Enhanced Plan is designed to protect and provide living benefit to senior citizens in the event of an accident anywhere in the world that results in body injuries, disability or death.

Your premiums are not subject to any health checks and will not increase with age. What's more, unlike other plans, Evergreen Enhanced Plan pays on top of the other insurance plans that you may have, thus giving you even more coverage.

Key Info

  • Main Insured or Spouse must be above 45 to 70 years of age, renewal up to 80 years of age
  • Premium pricing does not increase with age
  • 10% off premiums if spouses enrol for same annual plan
  • Worldwide coverage


  • Up to S$25,000 in Funeral Expenses in the event of accidental death
  • Up to S$250,000 for Permanent Disability^ should the Insured be unable to perform 2 of the ADL*
  • Up to 24 months for Nursing Benefit should the Insured be unable to perform 2 of the ADL*
  • Up to S$25,000 in Renovation Benefit in the event of disability
  • Up to S$5,000 in Accidental Medical Reimbursement+
  • Up to S$200 per day for Accidental Hospital Income
  • 10% discount for joint enrollment  (Annual Plan only)

    *unable to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
    ^a lien of 50% imposed for Permanent Disability up to age of 70 and above 
    +Accidental Medical Reimbursement is accorded only if the total expenses exceed S$50. If the total Medical Expenses incurred exceeds S$50, we will pay the entire claim amount.

Pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Benefit Features :
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan D

Funeral Expense Benefit





Permanent Disability^
(unable to perform 2 ADL*)





Nursing Benefit
(unable to perform 2 ADL*)

(up-24 mth)

(up-24 mth)

(up-24 mth)

(up-24 mth)

Renovation Benefit
(unable to perform 2 ADL*)





Accident Medical Reimbursement+
(min franchise of $50)





Accidental Hospital Income
(up to 365 days)

S$50 / day

S$100 / day

$150 / day

S$200 / day

ˆ The medical expenses incurred must be above $50

Who can apply

  • Main Insured or Spouse – above 45 to 70 years of age, renewal up to 80 years of age.
  • Applicant must be Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Foreigners with valid work permit or employment pass

Enrolment is subject to approval by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.

For full details of the policy coverage terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy documents.

To apply, please call Chubb at 6505 5580, from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 6 pm.

This plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme
This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Chubb or visit the following websites:

Next steps

Apply now

To apply, call Chubb at
6505 5580, from 9:30 am to
6 pm, on Mondays to Fridays.


With effect from 1 May 2016, ACE Insurance Limited is now known as Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.