Etiqa Insurance1
Personal Insurance
Let us help you realise your aspiration by ensuing your lifetime of achievements endure future generations to come.
Life Protection
Enjoy lifetime protection plus retirement benefits. Peace of mind, for a lifetime.
Endowment Plan
Let us help you fulfill your dreams. Our comprehensive range of endowment and retirement products will make your money work harder and reward you for saving.
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General Insurance
Personal AccidentCar InsuranceTravel Insurance
ePROTECT safety
  • Protection from 22 infectious diseases
  • Help to resume normal life with facial reconstructive surgery and modifying of your home or workplace
  • No Claim Bonus
Motor Insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing
  • Third Party Liability including bodily injury and property damage.
  • Choice of preferred workshop
ePROTECT travel
  • Competitive prices matched with comprehensive coverage
  • 24-hour free worldwide emergency travel support
  • Medical and travel benefits, including reimbursement of overseas medical expenses, up to S$1 million
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Home InsuranceMaid Insurance 
Tiq Home Insurance
  • Flexible coverage options to protect what you treasure most and pay only for what you need with a variety of sum assured options and premium terms
  • Emergency Cash Allowance (ECA) of S$5,000 within 24 hours to help you get back on your feet in the event of a fire
  • 24/7 Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) that covers locksmith, plumbing, electrical, pest control up to S$200 per event and 4 events per year
  • Enjoy savings from bypassing maid agencies and from our promotional discount
  • Protect your maid with 24-hour worldwide personal accident and hospitalisation expenses cover
  • Safeguard your liabilities with termination / re-hiring expenses, and wages and levy reimbursement cover
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Chubb Insurance2
Personal Insurance
Personal Accident
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Home Insurance
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Hospitalisation Income Plan
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Critical Illness Cover
EverCritical Care
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Dental Insurance
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1 Etiqa Insurance is a member of Maybank Group, and is an underwriter for both Life & General Insurance policies.
2 Chubb Insurance (formerly ACE Insurance) is an insurance partner of Maybank, and is an underwriter for General Insurance policies.

The benefits of any life insurance products shown in the above information are subjected to individual policy terms and conditions. Please refer to Important Notes for details.