Maybank Singapore Dollar Privilege Plus Time Deposit

Maybank Singapore Dollar Privilege Plus Time Deposit

Maybank Singapore Dollar Privilege Plus Time Deposit

Designed to grow your principal with additional interest while providing you with regular lifestyle cash, the Singapore Dollar Privilege Plus Time Deposit caters to customers aged 55 years and above.


Additional 0.25%Additional 0.25% p.a. above Singapore Dollar Time Deposit prevailing board rates
Round-the-clock service with Online and Mobile BankingRound-the-clock service with Online and Mobile Banking
Choice of 6 or 12 months tenureChoice of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months tenure
Choice of receiving monthly interestChoice of receiving monthly interest^
(for branch placement only)

Maturity Instruction

Receive your interest from one of the arrangements below when your deposit is for at least 12-month:

  • Monthly interest^ that is automatically credited directly into your designated Maybank Savings or Current Account (for branch placement only)
  • A lump sum interest payment upon deposit maturity
  • Roll over the interest with the principal amount upon deposit maturity


  • Minimum age: 55 years old
  • Initial deposit:
    • S$25,000 for tenures from 12 months and above
    • S$50,000 for tenures from 6 months and above

Documents Requirement for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • NRIC

Documents Requirement for Foreigners

  • Passport
  • Employment Pass
  • Proof of Mailing Address (i.e. Utility/Telco/Bank statement with another bank in Singapore) where name must be the same as your Passport and Employment Pass

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges
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^ Partial withdrawal within 3 months of placement or deposit renewal date is allowed only if you are not on the monthly interest payment scheme.

  • Premature withdrawal of less than 3 months – No interest will be paid
  • Premature withdrawal of more than 3 months – The interest is pro-rated based on the number of days the Time Deposit is placed, calculated on the lowest tier of the prevailing Savings Account rate at time of withdrawal or the contracted rate, whichever is lower.

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$50,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.