Overseas Visa Card Payments

With Overseas Visa Card Payments, you can transfer funds globally via the secure Visa card payment network at a low cost. You can use funds from your Maybank Savings, Current or CreditAble Account to send money to loved ones overseas, or settle your bills on the Visa card(s) issued outside Singapore.

This service requires online banking access. If you don't have the facility, you can apply for Maybank2u.com.sg here

Key info

  • Transfer funds to a Visa Card issued locally or overseas at your own convenience via Maybank2u.com.sg
  • Cost-effective way to transfer funds, compared to Telegraphic Transfer or Demand Draft with other banks/agents
  • Maximum amount per Overseas Visa Card Payments is set at S$3,000 per transaction and cannot be increased any further. For multiple Overseas Visa Card Payments the total combined transfer limit is defaulted at S$3,000 per day with an option to increase to a maximum limit of S$20,000 per day upon request and subject to the available credit limit or account balance.



  • Facility is easy to use; click here for a step-by-step guide
  • Fast turnaround from as short as 1 business day from date of transfer (actual timing depends on recipient bank's speed to credit funds into recipient's card account)

Here's how much you'll save with Overseas Visa Card Payments.

Overseas Visa Card Payments
Telegraphic transfer with banks/agents
Demand Draft with other agents
  • To Visa cards issued in RegionLink countries (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & the Philippines)


  • To Visa cards issued in all other overseas countries



Processing fee
Total charges
S$5 / S$8

Who can apply

  • Maybank Account holders in Singapore

Fees and charges

  • Transfer funds to any Visa card issued in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines – S$5
  • Transfer funds to any Visa card issued in other countries* – S$8
*Overseas Visa Card Payment is not available to Visa cards issued in the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, Myanmar, North Korea, Belarus, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

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Questions? Our FAQ might help.

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