iCheque (Local)

Pay Any individual or billing organisation

Issue cheques to any individual or billing organisation via Maybank2u.com.sg, even if you don’t have a chequebook or current account.

Key info

  • Singapore Dollar cheques
  • For Maybank Savings/Current/CreditAble Account holders


Even if you don't have a chequebook, you can now issue cheques in Singapore Dollars with just a few clicks via Maybank2u.com.sg. We will deliver the cheque on your behalf to any address in Singapore*.


  • Efficient – Maybank will issue the iCheque on your behalf and even deliver it to your recipient
  • Cost effective – you do not need to maintain a chequebook or current account
  • Convenient – even if you are overseas, you can still issue cheques for payments to anyone in Singapore

Who can apply

Any retail customer of Maybank, with his/her own Online Banking Access, and a personal Savings, Current or CreditAble account

Fees and charges

Click here for a list of applicable fees and charges

To apply

  • Log into Maybank2u.com.sg
  • Select "iCheque" under "Funds Transfer"
  • Follow the steps under "iCheque"
  • Click "Submit"

Questions? Our FAQ may help.


  • Please allow 2 business days for your iCheque application to be processed. This does not take into account the time taken for the delivery of the iCheque
  • Maximum amount that you can apply for each iCheque or a combination of iCheques is S$20,000 per day