Credit Cards

Annual Fee
eCard (Classic) Free
eVibes Card Free
Flash Credit Classic Free
Maybank Platinum MasterCard Free
Maybank Platinum Visa Free
Family & Friends Card
Principal Card S$80
Supplementary Card Free for both
Maybank DUO Platinum MasterCard
Principal Card S$120
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa
Principal Card S$150
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature
Principal Card S$180
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature
Principal Card S$120
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa
Principal Card S$60
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank Visa Infinite
Principal Card S$600
Supplementary Cards Free for both
Maybank World MasterCard
Principal Card S$240
Supplementary Cards Free for both

Quarterly Service Fee
eCard Classic S$5ˆ
eVibes Card  S$5ˆˆ
Flash Credit Classic S$10ˆ
Maybank Platinum Visa S$20ˆ
Maybank Platinum MasterCard S$20ˆ

Cash Transaction
Cash Advance Fee 5% or minimum S$15, whichever is higher
Overseas Cash Withdrawal** via
Maybank ATM (RegionLink****) Free+
Non-Maybank ATM S$5 per transaction

Finance Charge
For Cash Advances
All Maybank Credit Cards
24% p.a.
For Purchases
eCard Classic
Flash Credit Classic
Platinum MasterCard
Platinum Visa
eVibes Card
Family & Friends MasterCard
Horizon Platinum Visa
Horizon Visa Signature
FC Barcelona Visa Signature
DUO Platinum MasterCard
Catholic High Alumni Platinum
Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa
World MasterCard  
Visa Infinite
15% p.a.#
15% p.a.#
15% p.a.#
15% p.a.#
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.
24% p.a.

Card Transactions in Foreign Currencies and Transactions Processed Overseas

  1. Card Transactions in foreign currencies other than US Dollars will be converted into US Dollars before being converted into Singapore Dollars. Card Transactions in US Dollars shall be converted to Singapore Dollars on the date of conversion. All conversions are subject to such exchange rate at such time as may be determined by the respective card association(s), namely Visa International Service Association and/or MasterCard International Incorporated at its absolute discretion. The conversion rate applied is based on the Posting Date of the Card Transaction to the Card Account which may be different to the rate in effect on the date of the Card Transaction.

  2. Pursuant to clause (a), the Bank shall charge the Cardmember the converted amount and the administrative fee of 1.5% (excluding Visa Diamante, Infinite and World Mastercard) of the said amount (or such fee as the Bank may determine from time to time). For Visa Diamante, Visa Infinite, and World Mastercard, the administrative fee shall be 1.75% of the said amount (or such fee as the Bank may determine from time to time).

    In addition, all Card Transactions in foreign currency will be subject to a charge of up to 1% on the converted Singapore dollar amount by the respective card associations.
  3. If the Cardmember has chosen to convert the overseas Card Transaction (including online Card Transactions) into Singapore dollars at the point of payment via dynamic currency conversion (a service offered at certain overseas ATMs and merchants), or the transaction is in Singapore dollar but processed by an overseas merchant (including online Card Transactions), the Cardmember acknowledges that the process of conversion and exchange rates applied will be determined by the relevant ATM operator, merchant or dynamic currency conversion service provider, as the case may be.

    All card transactions in Singapore dollars but processed overseas will be subject to an administrative fee of up to 1%.

    The Bank may charge, credit and debit, as may be appropriate, all sums payable to the Bank under this Agreement to the Card Account.
Minimum Monthly Payment
For Credit Card Account
Classic and Platinum3% of outstanding balance or S$20, whichever is higher, plus any outstanding amount "Past Due" from previous statements
Accounts that are over limit: 3% of the credit limit plus the excess over the credit limit
For Fund Transfer Account
3% of total payment due or S$10, whichever is higher plus any outstanding amount "Past Due" from previous statements

Late Payment Charges

5% of the minimum payment due or S$50, whichever is higher, if minimum monthly repayment is not made by due date

Liability due to Loss/Theft of Card

Limited to S$100 for any unauthorised Card transactions made before notification provided the Cardmember has not acted fraudulently, with gross negligence or has not otherwise failed to inform Maybank as soon as reasonably practicable after becoming aware that his or her card has been lost or stolen.

No further liability for unauthorised Card transactions made after notification

Other Service Charges
Request for Printed StatementS$2 per copyˆˆˆ
Request for Separate Supplementary
S$2 per copyˆˆˆ
Request for Resend of eStatement
(up to past 12 months)
Returned ChequeS$40 per cheque
Returned GIROS$40 per item
Request for Duplicate Copy of Sales Draft/StatementS$5 per copy
Card ReplacementS$30
Card PIN ReplacementFree

**Only for cards linked to Maybank deposit accounts in Singapore
***Limited to only 2 Supplementary Cards per Principal Card
****Prevailing exchange rates shall be determined by the Bank. For cash withdrawals in all foreign currencies except Malaysian Ringgit, the base currency for the exchange will be in US Dollars.
ˆWaived if there is at least 1 transaction charged to either the Principal Card Account or Supplementary Card Account every 3 months
ˆˆWaived if there is at least 1 transaction every 3 months
ˆˆˆAdditional postage charge of S$1 per statement for Malaysia/ Brunei and S$3 per statement for all other countries shall apply
#An interest rate of 15% p.a. will be charged on all outstanding balances, provided Cardmember's Card Account has been maintained in good standing. Otherwise, interest rate will revert to 24% p.a. until such time when a clean payment record is maintained for 6 continuous months.
+Maybank Credit Card customers that linked their Maybank Saving / Current Account to their Maybank Credit Cards, can enjoy FREE overseas cash withdrawal from Maybank's RegionLink - Cross Border ATM.

Our fees and charges listed above are effective from 1 September 2012. We will notify you of any changes by giving you 30 days' notice except where otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the Bank's relevant Cards & Services.