Payment Options

Giving you true flexibility, Maybank provides the following payment/top-up methods for your Maybank Credit and Debit/ Prepaid Cards.

  • AXS Stations#
    Make payments/top-ups at AXS Stations located conveniently islandwide. Simply follow the on-screen instructions on the AXS Station.

  • AXS Station QuickBill#
    You can use your Maybank Platinum Debit Card or ATM Card to make your bill payments at any AXS Station QuickBill counter found exclusively in Cheers or FairPrice Xpress convenience stores.

  • Cash Payment at Maybank Branches
    Make cash payments/top-ups over the counter at any of our 21 Branches in Singapore.

  • Cheque Payment^
    Cheques should be made payable to Maybank Card A/C No. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. For payment of more than one account, cheque should be made payable to Maybank Cards and the respective account numbers and amounts be written behind the cheque. Mail your crossed cheque to Maybank Cards Business, Robinson Road P.O. Box 788, Singapore 901538.

  • Interbank GIRO**
    Arrange for your credit card payments to be debited automatically each month from your designated bank account. Simply download the form here (PDF) or via

  • Maybank ATMs***
    If you have a Maybank Savings or Current Account, use your ATM Card to make payments/top-ups at any of our ATMs located at our Branches in Singapore. Simply key in your PIN and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Maybank Cash Deposit Machines
    Deposit cash via our cash deposit machines located at our Branches with 24-hour banking to pay your credit card bills or top up your debit card accounts. Just follow the on-screen instructions and place your cash into the cash slot.

  • Maybank Online Banking
    Use Maybank Online Banking to transfer funds from your Maybank Savings or Current Account to make payments/top-ups. To apply for these services, visit any of our 21 Branches in Singapore.

  • SingPost SAM#
    Make payments/top-ups at any SingPost SAM located conveniently islandwide. Simply follow the on-screen instructions on the SingPost SAM.

^Not applicable to Prepaid Cards
#Not available for Debit Card
**For Credit Card payment and Flash Debit Card top-up only
***Not available for Prepaid Card not registered with Maybank


The same account details should be used for all future card payments. The procedures to effect the Interbank Funds Transfer may differ with each bank. Service charge(s) may be imposed by the remitting banks.