Cash Credits

Save as you spend, when you charge to your Maybank Platinum Card! Now, you can convert your TREATS Points to cash credits in blocks of S$50 to offset your credit card bills!

You can either choose to do it ad-hoc or apply for our Auto Cash Credit programme (“ACC Programme”) where we will deduct your TREATS Points automatically. Complete the Auto Cash Credit Enrolment Form and fax/mail it in to us now.


S$50 Cash Credit
Not valid for Maybank Classic, Gold and Debit Cardmembers.

How to redeem

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid only for Maybank Personal Visa Infinite Card, World MasterCard, Visa Signature or a Platinum Principal Cardmember ("Cardmembers"), excluding Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard, Maybank Family & Friends World MasterCard, Maybank Platinum Visa and Maybank eVibes Cardmembers.
  • To participate in the ACC Programme, a Principal Cardmember must successfully enrol in the ACC Programme by completing the Auto Cash Credit Enrolment Form.
  • Conversion of TREATS Points under the ACC Programme must be in multiples of 16,000 TREATS Points or such other multiples as Maybank may determine from time to time in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • The Principal Cardmember is responsible for providing the accurate and valid card account number of such account.
  • Once the Principal Cardmember successfully enrols in the ACC Programme and the crediting transaction has been approved by Maybank, no cancellation or reversal of transaction or exchange of TREATS Points up to the amount credited for such redemption or for any other redemption items will be allowed.
  • The Principal Cardmember understands and agrees that the conversion and crediting (of Cash dollars) process will be performed on a monthly basis on the first business day of each month. Notwithstanding anything stated herein, Maybank shall not be liable for any delay in processing for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation, delay due to incorrect information in the system or due to system constraints and errors).
  • Each successful conversion of TREATS Points to a cash rebate will be reflected in the Principal Cardmember’s Card Account Statement.
  • Maybank reserves the right to reject this application without giving any reason.
  • Terms and Conditions governing TREATS Points Rewards Programme apply.