Car Rental Tips

Some things you should know before you rent a car.

  1. Always read your Car Rental Agreement carefully, in particular
    • Know your Minimum Liability (you will be charged the minimum liability even if damages are insignificant)
    • Check the Car Insurance coverage (it is advisable to purchase additional car insurance especially when you are driving overseas)
    • Know your liabilities for fines and penalties for traffic violation
    • Check the petrol and rental charges
    • Check the car return date, time and late charges
    • Do not sign the agreement if you do not agree with any of the Terms & Conditions stipulated
  2. Always keep a copy of the signed agreement to avoid amendments by the merchant.
  3. Remember to get a written confirmation for any refund, or changes, agreed to by the merchant
  4. Always protect yourself against any possible disputes. Think carefully before you sign as such an agreement is legally binding