One-Time Password and Authorisation Code

We are committed to ensure you have a safe online banking experience for your banking needs.

As an added security measure for online access to your accounts, Maybank has adopted the 2-Factor Authentication ("2FA") for customer verification during login and performing of sensitive online transactions like Third Party Funds Transfer. That is, a One-Time Password ("OTP") will be generated via the Hardware Token or SMS, which acts as an additional layer of authentication to prevent online banking fraud.

A further measure of security is taken for your outbound Funds Transfer transactions, whereby you will be required to key in an Authorisation Code, which is sent to your registered mobile number via an SMS Message each time you update your list of payee accounts. The Authorisation Code complements the OTP for outgoing Funds Transfers from your account as it ensures that transfers are made to registered payees while the OTP regulates the transfer transactions.

You will be required to key in the OTP from your Hardware Token or SMS to login to

A OTP is also required in order to proceed with transactions such as Third Party Funds Transfer.

One-Time Password to confirm transactions made

An Authorisation Code is required in order to update your list of payee accounts.

Authorisation Code to Verify Payee Creation

To give you greater peace of mind while performing transactions over our and Self-Service Banking Terminals, we have implemented a Daily Customer Limit and Daily Transaction Limit for banking transactions that involve the transfer of your funds to all other accounts except your own accounts with Maybank. Click on the following links to find out more.

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