SMS Scam

It has been reported widely that an ongoing scam targets victims not familiar with Internet Banking (IB) and its related controls.

  • A potential victim receives an SMS congratulatory text or call to inform that they have won prizes from a well-known organisation
  • He/She is then tricked into applying for Internet Banking features for his/her account using the fraudster's mobile number
  • Victim is also asked to reveal the User ID and Password to the fraudster
  • With the Internet Banking User ID and Password, the fraudster can then log into the victim's account and receive a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS (as a result of applying for IB features with the fraudster's mobile number) to perform illegal transactions

Please be reminded that all information used to perform banking transactions should never be disclosed to any unknown parties. When applying for Internet Banking, customers should use ONLY their personal mobile number for registration and to receive their SMS OTP.

Customers should always contact the Bank when in doubt and to report any discrepancies.

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