Debt Collection, Kidnapping and Other Scams

Debt Collection Scams

It has been brought to our attention that there is a party or parties involved in making telephone calls to members of the public, purporting to be representing Maybank, collecting debts on behalf of the Bank. The caller(s) will claim that the customer has outstanding amounts owing to the Bank due to their spending on their credit cards, and request that they pay up the money by cheque. Most of these calls are made via an Overseas Number and on some occasions, the party has identified himself as a "Steven Lim Mun Kin" or "Vincent Tan".

We wish to inform members of the public that these calls are not made by representatives of Maybank and these people are not Maybank staff. You may make a report to the Police if you should receive similar calls.

Kidnapping scams

There has been a rise in the number of cases reported on people being threatened with the lives of their loved ones in exchange for ransom money which the "kidnappers" demand to be transferred to an overseas bank account. These "kidnap conmen" would insist that the victims continue with the telephone conversation and not hang up their mobile phones for as long as the transfer has not been completed. Under duress, for fear that the lives of their loved ones may really be threatened, the victims give in to the conmen's request.

On 4 Sep 2007, one such incident occurred at Maybank@JurongEast. The staff attending to the victim then was vigilant and calm, hence, managed to understand the situation by asking the victim to scribble useful information on a piece of paper. The conmen's plans were then thwarted after the victim's son contacted her upon being alerted by our staff.

Other scams

Whatever the reasons the conmen have, the ultimate request on the victims will be to transfer their hard-earned money to another account. Some of the ploys used to entice or coerce the victims to comply include:

  • Lure of fictitious lottery or lucky draw winnings
  • Lure of fortune from a fictitious will
  • Prey on fear of the law (posing as police officers or Supreme Court staff)

Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800-MAYBANK (1800-629 2265) or (65) 6533 5229 (Overseas) if you need further clarification. Click here to learn how to protect yourself from fraudulent emails and websites.

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