Advice on ATM Skimming

In recent months, card skimming at ATM machines has become increasingly prevalent across Asia. In light of this trend, we would like to provide some information to keep you on the alert as we seek to prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

Skimming devices typically are attachments slotted over the card feeder that are used to capture ATM or debit card details as the cards pass through. A pinhole camera is hidden above the keypad in the frame of the ATM machine's screen to capture PIN numbers as they are entered. You may wish to view the pictures below for more details.

In many cases, an ATM machine with a skimming device added to it will retain the card when used.

Besides taking the necessary precautions to protect your PIN, we also seek your assistance to be on the lookout for suspicious devices on our ATM machines, and to report them to the Bank at 1800-MAYBANK (1800-629 2265).

We wish to thank you for your support and greatly appreciate your participation in making automated banking services in Singapore safer and more secure.

1) ATM Skimmer To Capture ATM Card Information

A false card slot is affixed over the original card slot. The false card slot holds a "skimmer" that is used to copy the ATM card information.

This is how an ordinary ATM card slot should look.

2) Pinhole Camera Used To Capture ATM PIN

The pinhole camera is mounted in a position which allows it to view the ATM PIN entries. It is housed within a custom made casing that fits snugly above the ATM monitor panel.

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