For Online Banking

  1. Create a robust user password

    It is important for the user to create a robust password. For greater security, the password should be in line with our stricter password rules, that is,

    • It must be a combination of both letters and numbers
    • It can have a length of 8 to 12 characters
    • It is case-sensitive
    • No special characters (e.g. #!$%ˆ) and spaces are allowed, except underscore
  2. Do not disclose the password to anyone

  3. Do not use easy-to-remember dates or numbers to create the password

  4. Do not use the same Internet Banking password for other online accounts

    It is dangerous to share the same password for other online accounts as most non- banking systems provide easy access for password recovery.

  5. Do not write down or store the password

    • Avoid writing or storing the password in easily accessible items like a notepad or the PC
    • Do not select the option on browsers for storing or retaining username and password
  6. Do not access Online Banking from computers or devices which cannot be trusted

  7. Do not access Online Banking for Company Account from public areas

    Do not access Online Banking for Company Account at cyber cafes, which are prone to attacks from "Trojan Horse" or other malicious programmes.

  8. Log off your online session when not in use

  9. Always clear the browser's cache memory (delete browser history) after each online session

  10. Take note of the last login time every time login

    Do make it a habit to check the last login message whenever you login, as it tells you when the last login was performed.

  11. Check your transaction history details regularly

    This will help you keep track of your account activities. If you notice any discrepancy, contact Maybank immediately.

  12. Do not save the Bank's URL on the browser's Bookmark or Favourites

    Access the Bank's web site directly by entering the URL in the browser's address field.

  13. Protect yourself from fraudulent/phishing emails and web sites

    Click here to learn more.

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