Quick Touch

Quick Touch NEW!

Quick Touch enables customer to login and authenticate selected transactions in the mobile banking app (iOS and Android version) using the fingerprint identity sensor of the mobile device. Pre-registration is required to use this service.

Services within Maybank SG app that can use the Quick Touch once enabled:

  • Login
  • Account Summary
  • Quick Transfer
  • One-off PayNow
  • Bill Payment
  • Credit Card Payment
  • FAST Transfer
  • RegionLink

Who is eligible for Quick Touch?

  • Customers with Maybank SG mobile banking app
  • Mobile device has fingerprint / biometric feature:
    • iOS – Touch ID
    • Android – Fingerprint Authentication
  • Customer fingerprint stored in the mobile device

How to activate Quick Touch on mobile?

Download our Maybank SG mobile banking App.

Step 1:
Upon login, tap on the gear icon at upper left corner of Home page
Step 2:
Tap on ‘Enable Quick Touch’
Quick Touch
Quick Touch
Step 3:
Read and accept T&C then tap ‘Enable’
Done! Quick Touch enabled
Quick Touch
Quick Touch

Note: 1 user can enable Quick Touch to 1 device only. If user tries to enable on another device, the previous device will be de-registered.

Using Quick Touch

For Login and Direct Access buttons, Touch ID or Fingerprint immediately prompts after tapping on the buttons at home page.

Quick Touch
Quick Touch


  • This feature is available in iOS and Android mobile devices with biometric feature. For iOS, it is called Touch ID; For Android devices, it is called Fingerprint Authentication or Fingerprint
  • Minimum system requirements: at least iOS 9 or Android 6
  • 2FA is still required to get full access of the secured site.
  • It is not recommended to enable this service if you have 3rd party fingerprint stored in your mobile device.

Questions? Our FAQs may help.

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