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Quick Balance NEW!

Quick Balance enables you to view your available balance for up to 3 accounts and the latest transactions on your preferred Savings and Current accounts without the need to login to the mobile banking app (iOS and Android version). Pre-registration is required to use this service.

To enable and use Quick Balance follow these steps below:

Download our Maybank SG mobile banking App.

Step 1:
Upon login, tap on the gear icon at upper left corner of Home page
Step 2:
Tap on 'Enable Quick Balance'
Quick Balance
Quick Balance
Step 3:
Select accounts, accept T&C and tap 'Enable'

Done! Quick Balance enabled
Quick Balance
Quick Balance

Note: 1 user can enable Quick Balance to 1 device only.If user tries to enable on another device, the previous device will be de-registered.

Using Quick Balance

At the Pre-Login Page, Swipe the "Quick Balance" bar
Done! You will be able to see the account that you registered and its last 3 transactions
Quick Balance
Quick Balance


  • Available for Maybank SG mobile app version 4.0 (iOS) and 3.7 (Android)
  • Mobile devices' minimum operating system (OS) requirements: at least iOS 9 or Android 6
  • It is not recommended to enable this service if customer allows other users to access its mobile device

Questions? Our FAQs may help.

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