Regionlink - Online Funds Transfer (Malaysia)

Flexible cash management and ease of transfer to Maybank accounts in Malaysia via

Key info

  • Daily transfer limit of up to S$1.0M
  • No cable charge


Transfer funds to accounts with Maybank Malaysia via at your own time. With a daily transfer limit of up to S$1.0M, you'll have more flexibility in company’s cash management


Enjoy the following advantages when you remit funds through RegionLink – Online Funds Transfer (Malaysia):

  • Beneficiary can be assured of receiving the funds on the same day.*
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No cable charge
  • Largest branch network in Malaysia

Transaction must be processed before 4pm on a business day, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday

Who can apply

Your company needs to have a Maybank account and must enrol for Business Internet Banking to enjoy this service

Fee and charges

Terms and conditions (PDF)

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  • Trade and Supply Chain

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