Demand Drafts

An efficient way to send money overseas; Demand Draft (DD) is a written order issued by Maybank on your behalf to pay a beneficiary. A Demand Draft is similar to a Cashier’s Order, but drawn on Maybank’s overseas correspondent banks.

Key info

  • Cheaper alternative to a TT
  • Range of major foreign currencies available, so you can send money virtually anywhere
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates


With a Demand Draft, you can easily send money to almost any part of the world. A cheaper alternative to Telegraphic Transfer, a demand draft is a written order issued by Maybank on your behalf to pay your beneficiary a specified sum of money. It is similar to a Cashier's Order but drawn on our overseas correspondent banks.


  • A more cost-effective way to send funds overseas
  • With our wide network of correspondent banks, you can send money to virtually any part of the world
  • We offer a range of major currencies, at competitive foreign exchange rates

Who can apply

You need to be a Maybank account holder to enjoy this service

Required documents

Your identification document (Singapore NRIC or Passport)

Fees and charges

Click here for a list of applicable fees and charges

To apply, just visit us at any of our Branches in Singapore with your identification document.

If you are a Maybank account holder, you may log in to to order a demand draft quickly and efficiently.

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