Get S$5 cash credit and win iPhone 11 or flights on Singapore Airlines!

Transact on Maybank Mobile Banking from now till 31 January 2020 to receive S$5 cash credit and stand a chance to win iPhone 11 or flights on Singapore Airlines.

How it works

  • Promotion period: 18 October 2019 to 31 January 2020
  • Valid for individual Maybank Mobile Banking customers who have registered for PayNow services, or who register for PayNow services during the Promotion Period.  


S$5 Cash Credit Promotion

How to participate:

  1. SMS <MBSG> <Name> <Last 4 characters of NRIC> to 79898
    E.g. MBSG JIMMY LEE 123A
  1. Login to Maybank Mobile Banking and perform the below transactions¹:
        a. One (1) Quick Transfer transaction; or
        b. One (1) PayNow outgoing transfer or Scan & Pay transaction.

¹Minimum amount of S$10 per transaction

Terms and Conditions for Maybank Mobile Banking S$5 Cash Credit Promotion (PDF)

Mobile Banking Usage Promotion:
Win iPhone 11 or Flights on Singapore Airlines

To participate, simply login to Maybank Mobile Banking and perform the transactions below:

Minimum amount of S$10 per transaction
Chances awarded
First-time activation with any of the transaction(s) below
Funds Transfer to other accounts (via FAST/GIRO)
Funds Transfer via PayNow (including Scan & Pay)
Quick Transfer
Bill Payment (Singapore/Malaysia billing organisations)
Maybank Credit Card Payment
Other Banks’ Credit Card Payment
Funds Transfer to Maybank Malaysia

Monthly Draw: iPhone 11 (128GB)
Week Qualifying Period No. of Winner(s) Lucky Draw Date
18 Oct – 31 Oct 2019
27 Nov 2019
1 Nov – 30 Nov 2019
27 Dec 2019
1 Dec – 31 Dec 2019
28 Jan 2020
1 Jan – 31 Jan 2020
28 Feb 2020
Grand Draw: Return Tickets on Singapore Airlines (worth up to S$3,000)
Qualifying Period
No. of Winner(s)
Lucky Draw Date
18 Oct 2019 – 31 Jan 2020
28 Feb 2020

Terms and Conditions for Maybank Mobile Banking Usage Lucky Draw Promotion (PDF)

Promotion FAQ +
  1. I have de-registered PayNow some time back and would like to register again now that you are running this promotion.  Will I qualify? 

    You will qualify as long as you maintain your PayNow registration until the crediting of cash credit and/or receive your prize. 

  2. I have performed the necessary transactions but forgot to SMS in to participate.  Will I be eligible for the Promotion (for both the cash credit and lucky draw)?     

    Only customers who SMS the bank according to the correct SMS format will qualify. You may still SMS in as long as it is within the Promotion Period.

  3. Can customer SMS in before they perform the transaction?  Can they SMS after they perform the transaction? 

    Customers can SMS in before or after they perform the transactions.

  4. Can both joint account holders each perform any of the transactions below:

    • One (1) Quick Transfer transaction, or
    • One (1) PayNow outgoing transfers or Scan & Pay transaction

    and receive 2 x $5 cash credit into the joint account?

    Yes, as long as each customer separately performs any of the above 2 transactions via the Maybank SG app.

  5. When will the S$5 cash credit be credited to the winner’s account?

    Each Successful Customer will receive the cash credit within thirty (30) business days after the end of Promotion Period or when the cash credits are fully redeemed, whichever is earlier.   

  6. I have already performed first time activation before.  Am I still eligible to participate in the lucky draw if I perform the specified transactions? 

    Yes, as long as relevant transactions are performed via Mobile Banking (i.e. Maybank SG app).

  7. For customer who have won the iPhone 11, will they still be eligible for the Subsequent iPhone draw in the following months and the Grand Draw?

    Winners of monthly draw cannot win again in subsequent monthly draw but are eligible to win in the grand draw. Note: Chances in the monthly draws cannot be brought forward to the subsequent months.

  8. For the S$3,000 travel vouchers, are they Singapore Airlines vouchers? Or travel agency vouchers?

    The travel voucher (i.e. the prize) is in the form of a redemption letter, which winner will need to present to Tradewinds Tours & Travel Pte Ltd during booking of their flights.

  9. Can customers check how many lucky draw chances they have?     

    No. Lucky draw chances will be awarded according to transactions performed by customers

  10. How will the winners be contacted and notified of their winning?

    Winners will be notified through letter (within 30 working days) sent to them by original post at their last known address on record with Maybank. Letter to be provided when ready.

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